I have been reading the board for a few weeks now. I just registered today. I have not been diagnosed with lupus. I have had many health concerns which have been blown off by my doctors. I have no insurance anymore, so I resort to our county's "Rural Healthcare Clinic". My problems began as long ago as I remember. I have had "canker sores" my entire life which is normal in my family. Allergies and asthma began early. I have chronic ear and throat pain which has never been explained except that I produce to much earwax. I was diagnosed with IBS at 16. I developed pleuirisy at 17. I had a laparoscopy at 18 when I was diagnosed with endometriosis. I lost my insurance shortly after ( no longer covered on my mother's plan). I have been experiencing pain in my hands for about a year. I always joked that I must have arthritis. I have seen a chiropractic for back pain. My knees have recently started to bother me. I had rash on my face twice in the last two months, but it only lasted about 3 days both times. I associated it with 2.5% benzoyl peroxide creme that I haven't used in a few years. It never bothered me before. I have only recently been informed about lupus since I have developed a rash about 10 days ago after going to the beach(Florida sun exposure). It is not going away and new spots are popping up everyday. I also suffer from extreme nausea. The only meds I take is continuous birth control pills for the endo.

I am going to the doctor tomorrow, unfortunately they do not take appointments. Walk-ins only! I hope I do not have the same doc. Last time I went I told her how fatigued I felt and her reply was "I think you are depressed. Let's try some meds..." Before I could even continue with my concerns. I left the clinic in tears, probably confirming her depression theory. My boyfriend says it seems like "something is always wrong with me. Luckily he is very understanding and supportive (emotionally and financially.) Sometimes I don't think he really understands how I feel and I thought no one did, until I came across this site. Thank God!!!

I didn't see much about endo on this board. New theories are leaning toward it being an autoimmune disease. i was wondering if anyone else suffers from this as wellI appreciate any information or thoughts. Thank you.