Other than cutting off my waist length hair yesterday which I will send the pony tail to LOCKS FOR LOVE it;s an orginization who takes hair and makes wigs for kids with cancer...cool thing to do with a 28 inch pony tail!!! anyway when my wife and I first bought this house I got her a DAlmation that ws the apple of her eyes and then at 7 he pased for unknown reason his organs just failed....so we;ve since then adopted 2 ex racing greyhounds....after i got outof the hospital I was riding past the place and thought i would take alook and this gorgeous white greyhound comes running up and she has the EXSACT markings as CODY had right down to the blakc eyepatch and ers markks..then the handler came out and took off her muzzle and said if you say her nale this was...she smile..si I did and she lifete her lip and smiled then kissed me!!!! Needless to say I suprised my wife Friday night with her,,,and here she is....say hello to MADDI www.blu-3.com/Voodoo-Funk/maddi2.jpg


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