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Thread: Hello-Introduction

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    This forum and the individuals on here have been an amazing blessing in my life Everyone is so supportive and there will be at least one person here who has had an experience like you. I also am on methotrexate and have been for a year. I give myself an injection every Monday night I also suffer from high bloob pressure. I am on a medication called Lisinopril. It helps but I have also been trying to stay away from salty foods.......I miss salty french fries :!: :!: I know it hurts and there are days you don't want to get out of bed. It is those days that you need to talk to us. Our families can help but only someone who understands exactly what you are going through will make you feel better. You do not have to go through this disease alone and there will always be someone here to talk to Keep posting and I look forward to getting to know you :angel:
    As I grow to understand life less and less,
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    Medications: Methotrexate, Lyrica, Celebrex, Flexeril, Theophylline, Bactrim, Xopenex, Lisinopril, Ultram

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    hi thanx for replying,

    how do you find taking the mtx?
    ive been on it for 4 months now, hard at first but got easier now tht its gone up its still a bit of a rollercoaster ride,
    what dose do u take?

    sorry i got your name wrong before, i only write waht i see

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