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Thread: test your body for this!

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    Default test your body for this!

    Hello everyone,
    My wife was diagnosed with Lupus after our first child was born 6 years ago. I have been on a mission to find a cure for her. I have come to find out that after all my research that most Doctors do not treat the disease but the symptoms. I ve been learning so much about the FDA and it kills me!

    I ve come to find out that your body's ph levels has everything to do with disease in your body! My wife has not taken any of those horible medications in a good while now due to eating correctly along with excercise and rest.

    My advice to people with Lupus is ask your doctor what is your body's ph level. Normal body ph levels should be 7.3 to 7.6 .if you have lupus it should read 6.0 or lower and you will need to build back your ph levels.
    you can also buy ph testers online. read about the body's ph levels and how it affects you!!!!!!

    please research this on the internet and see for yourself.

    other great things to look into is;
    natural antibiotic- Colloidal silver, can't beat this! I use it and my family from 7 month old daughter to our 6 year old son.My wife and I both use it.
    FDA said that it was garbage but they go and approve CURAD for the silver bandaid!
    Hospitals use a silver solution in your new born's eyes to kill bacteria!
    Do your homework people!

    Next is,GLyconutrients. I am currently researching these essential sugars that they say your body needs to fight many ailments including Lupus!

    Read more at,

    Its time to go back to natural because the FDA will kill you with all these unsafe drugs that they say is good for you! Just listen to the commercial for the side effects.

    P.S, my wife new holistic doctor says that the SPLEEN plays a major role in Lupus and is currently working to cleanse her spleen and build it back up. Look into this! find a holistic doctor if possible for extra advice.

    Feel free to email me if you have any questions.
    God Bless you all!

    Take your health back! Balance your body! find out your body's ph level!!!!!!! ask your doctor today and if he won't tell you then buy ph testers online and find out yourself!
    Maybe Healing yourself can be as easy as using alkaline drops in your water!

    "Too Blessed to be stressed"

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    I so agree about what you are saying! I was diagnosed 6 yrs ago and have tried all the traditional western methods, medicines all to NO avail! I was turned onto Collodial Silver and all I can say is holy cow batman... my blood work even came good!

    Through cleansing and whole foods diet and exercise I am back to living and not in the bed.

    stormchaser807 I would be most interested in any new info you come across!

    PS I chase too!

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    Default wow!

    Stormchaser, your wife is lucky to have a husband like you! I couldn't agree more. I will definitely look into curezone. Can you recommend a good place that tests ph levels?

    Thanks much,


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