I was diagnosed with SLE in October 1999. I have been on LTD eversince. I used to work for an oil company as an Admin. Assistant to the Production Accountants. I miss working terribly, but fear returning because of the unpredictibility of Lupus. I have good days and bad days and very bad days. I needed to find a site that I could go to if I ever feel the need for emotional support. This disease takes a lot out of you... as I'm sure you all would agree.

I don't have kids, unless you count my cats, Buster and Petey. They are eleven yrs. old this year. They have been my "life line" throughout my ordeal with Lupus. I am married to my DH Mike. He is understanding, and yet not. He tries, but I don't always let him in. Something to do with my stubborn streak I guess. He is a wonderful and strong man.

I spend my days with my cats... my evenings with my DH - when he's home early enough from work. He works long hours and therefore I don't see him some nights as I'm already in bed by the time he gets home.

I have struggled with SLE since being diagnosed. I have never found true relief from taking any medications. I have been hospitalized several times in the last couple years due to complications relating to Lupus. It's been an uphill climb and I hope to be able to vent frustrations, share information and relate with some of you in this group.

Well, that's me. I hope to get to know all of you soon!