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    Hi all. I've been looking for a while for an online support system for Lupus and really like this one.
    My name is Tracy and I just turned 30 in January. I am still in the diagnosis limbo that is so very frustrating. My dr is 100% convinced that I do have SLE, as am I. I've seen one rheumy who said my symptoms were in the "wrong places" Um ok. So my dr is sending me to a different rheumy who is supposed to be topnotch for our area.
    I just went back to the dr yesterday due to a rash and was running one of my lovely fevers. So we should have new numbers from bloodwork in a few days to see where I am at right now.
    My symptoms right now are: joint pain, fevers, extreme fatigue, malar rash, blood work positive on last 5-6 testings, sensitivity to the sun and some lighting, brain fog, hair loss. Has anyone ever come down with a fungal infection? I have what the dr says is a ringworm infection on my back of all places, right between my shoulder blades and spreading. She said she's NEVER seen it in that area before LOL Leave it to me I guess. Anyway I have been dealing with these symptoms since my son was born in 98 and have been trying to find an answer ever since. I have had a total hysterectomy due to severe pain, endo and other issues. High BP, thyroid issues are also in my life now. Some days I feel like I am 90 years old.
    Anwyay, that's me and I hope to talk to you guys soon. Thanks for listening.

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    just wanted to introduce myself. I am quite new here, and I was so pleased to find this site too. Listening to other people talk about their problems and concerns has really helped me to start to come to terms with this disease. I know I am still a way off yet though. To know that you are not alone in this strange business is helping me.

    I was in the DX limbo for a while, one minute I had lupus then I didnít, until I had some conclusive tests done and was finally diagnosed. It is so scary but such a relief to get a diagnosis though, I started to think I had been going mad for years and that all these symptoms must be in my head. At least lupus explained all that and put my worried mind at rest.

    In response to your fungal infection question I've never had one, but suffer with the rashes and sun sensitivity and so on.

    Any how, if you need someone to vent your feelings on Iím here if you need an ear!!

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    Hi Tracy;
    Actually, the fungal infection in the middle of you back is not that uncommon, especiall amongst those of us with compromised immune systems.
    Infections in people with lupus fall into two categories.
    1. The first category includes infections with organisms that can affect persons with lupus and the general population:
    * streptococcus (which causes strep throat)
    * staphylococcus (which causes staph infections).
    2. The second category consists of "opportunistic" infections, which are caused by organisms that bring about disease only when the immune system is weakened. Most opportunistic infections are one of three kinds:
    * fungal
    * parasitic
    * protozoan.

    Fortunately, only a few individuals will need aggressive hospital treatment for infections. The most common infections in people with lupus usually do not require hospitalization. These common infections usually involve:

    * the respiratory tract
    * the urinary tract.

    However, infections in people with lupus tend to last longer and require a longer course of treatment with antibiotics than infections in people who do not have lupus.

    In addition, people with lupus are at an unusually high risk for contracting:

    * salmonella (a bacteria)
    * herpes zoster (a virus)
    * candida (yeast)
    So, as you can see, infections with lupus are rather common. Do not be dismayed. Keep yourself, and your doctors, informed and educated about the disease and its symptoms.
    You Are Not Alone
    Peace and Blessings

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