Hi all. I've been looking for a while for an online support system for Lupus and really like this one.
My name is Tracy and I just turned 30 in January. I am still in the diagnosis limbo that is so very frustrating. My dr is 100% convinced that I do have SLE, as am I. I've seen one rheumy who said my symptoms were in the "wrong places" Um ok. So my dr is sending me to a different rheumy who is supposed to be topnotch for our area.
I just went back to the dr yesterday due to a rash and was running one of my lovely fevers. So we should have new numbers from bloodwork in a few days to see where I am at right now.
My symptoms right now are: joint pain, fevers, extreme fatigue, malar rash, blood work positive on last 5-6 testings, sensitivity to the sun and some lighting, brain fog, hair loss. Has anyone ever come down with a fungal infection? I have what the dr says is a ringworm infection on my back of all places, right between my shoulder blades and spreading. She said she's NEVER seen it in that area before LOL Leave it to me I guess. Anyway I have been dealing with these symptoms since my son was born in 98 and have been trying to find an answer ever since. I have had a total hysterectomy due to severe pain, endo and other issues. High BP, thyroid issues are also in my life now. Some days I feel like I am 90 years old.
Anwyay, that's me and I hope to talk to you guys soon. Thanks for listening.