Hi everyone,

I am a Program Director and Instructor for a Pharmacy Technician Program at a college in Idaho. Drugs is my business.

If you can go and buy a DIH. Drug Information Handbook by Lexi-Comp. It is compiled with all kinds of information about drugs and it is catagorized by generic drugs. If you looking for a drug and only know the Brand name it should be in there and you'll just have to go to the page it directs you to. It is about $50 dollars or so but well worth it. You can find them in places like Barnes and Noble etc.

If you can't afford this a good website to go to is RXLIST.com. They have everything you need to know about your drugs too.

For Insurance purposes, if you have insurance, ask your insurance company for a list they have called a formulary. It is a list of all the drugs they will pay for. That way when you go to your Doctor you can take the list and if the Doctor prescribes something that is not on the list ask for something else.

There is also another thing when dealing with medications. There Brand and generics as we all know. Some of you have found that one may work better than the other. This holds some truth to it. When dealing with generic drugs make sure the drug your getting is AB rated. Meaning it will act exactly the same as the Brand. There are a few generic drugs out there that are not AB rated with the Brand. Many pharmacists must look up the drug to see the AB rating. Many times they don't quite know unless they look it up because of the vast amount of manufacturers.

Hope this helps. If you have more questions hopefully I can answer these.

Good Luck to all of you,