You are not alone. I understand as I too have felt alone, isolated, lazy, tired etc. ALL PART OF LUPUS!!! Yes it does suck but log on here and write how you feel good or bad and I can assure you will find a host of cyber friends who respond with love and understanding. You do have meaning and direction that is why you are a jr. in college. CONGRATS on that achievement alone! Sometimes to be or have the things we want we have to be/exemplify that ourselves for God to put our desires in our life. If you want a friend to an elderly person in a convelescent home whom you know has little to no family...if your immune system isn't too weak to do so. I think that may lift your spirits and put a smile on both your face and the person you are befriending. Just a suggestion. If your not comfortable with that then just keep posting here and see how many friends you make!!!