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Thread: Gum disease / teeth problems

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    Default Gum disease / teeth problems

    This was posted on my SO's MS board. After she read it, she did some googling and found that Myrrh is also used in many toothpastes and in cosmetics (who knew?!)

    Over a year ago, I went to the dentist and had the same thing, deep pockets and gum disease. I was told to go to a periodontist for a deep cleaning.

    I looked it up on the internet and none of it was good. The pain and scaling of the teeth was painful and expensive.

    After much research I called the dentist back. I was talking to one of the women there at the office. She said since I was not wanting to go that route that there was one other thing I could do. She said they had this patient that brushed with myrrh everyday and her gums are healthy as can be and didn't need a deep cleaning and scaling nor gum surgery. And she had no teeth lose either.

    I did some research on myrrh and sure enough it is used for gum disease. So I started this procedure myself of flossing every day and rinsing then brushing my teeth with toothpaste, you can use sensitive if your gums are receded as mine were.

    This do in the a.m. then at night same thing, but then you open one of the myrrh capsules and put it on your toothbrush and brush your teeth with it, being careful to make sure it gets to your gums. You do not rinse this out, spit out any left over in your mouth.

    You go to bed with this myrrh in your mouth, you cannot drink or rinse after you have brushed with it. Now mind you the myrrh is bitter tasting and gritty. You will get used to it. You do this every night. If you have especially deep pockets, you can open the capsule and pour it into the pocket if necessary. You will also notice after a little while your teeth will not be as sensitive.

    I wasn't using sensitive toothpaste at first and noticed that the myrrh took care of that also. After you do the research and see what gum disease can do to your gums and loose teeth and not have any bone to support false teeth the myrrh will be such a blessing to you! After doing this for 6 months straight every night, I went for my next dental appt. and the lady who I saw before was amazed. She kept looking at the notes on the chart and then asked me what I had done. I told her and she was amazed. The Dentist came in and was very pleased.

    And so was I, because it is not painful and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. The myrrh comes in capsules 100 to a bottle and costs approximately $11 a bottle. You can get it at your health food stores. It is worth the effort. My gums are healthy now and I don't have to be concerned about bad breath. Let me know what you decide!
    I had gum surgery a while back - tissue grafts on two teeth as the gums had receeded. Did NOT feel good. I'm going to try this. And I wonder, would this be helpful for Sjogrens as well - so often that leads to tooth loss due to the gums drying out etc.

    Worth a try, I guess.
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    I want to try it as well. I just spent over (charged actually) $6,000 on my teeth. Granted I needed bridge and crowns, but a little over a $1,000 was the deep clean thing. Yes it does hurt and the scraping :shock: . My left was worse than the right, still causing some pain. I still have sensitive teeth and 2 cavities to fix. I just can't afford it, and can hradly afford the payments I have now. I will have to find and try. I also have the peridontal(sp?) issue as well. It is very costly.

    Thanks hatlady, will have to look into that one for sure.

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    I will try it as well. I do not have receding gums or gum disease, but my husband does. I think that, if we both do the regimine, hopefully his gums will heal and he will be able to save those teeth that he's been told will have to come out eventually.

    This is great information, thank you so much for sharing it! I've printed it to share with my friends and family.

    Thanx Again
    Peace and Blessings
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