Hi Melinda,

Thanks for the hot yoga explanation!! About the heat thing, I'm not sure. I do find that heat is a pain relief and comforting for me. I also find that hot tubs/baths increase swelling though?

I hope you are feeling better today. I know what you mean though it is a constant battle. You have done the best thing by finding this site, I just can't believe that it took me so long to do this kind of thing. Although we have lupus and obviously that is bad, I really do think that it makes us better people. We have put up with so much cr*p and we are learning from it. I think that eventually we learn more about ourselves and gain a better understanding of what makes us tick. That is an advantage of having a chronic disease - we are more compansionate and are more in touch with our emotional side and can deal with a hell of a lot more than someone who just bums through life without a care. Especially though this site where we can help each other, we are doing good things. Don't get me wrong I am certainly not positive about having lupus and sometimes I cry and wonder if I did something bad in a past life. I cannot wait for a day when I can accept having lupus, if there is such a thing, or even better wake up one day and not feel pain or sick or tired etc. The reality is that I am struggling to get on with my life, but deep down I know I have to in any case as this lupus is not going to go away. Then that makes me feel worse as I think why should I have to struggle when there are so many healthy people. Although, there are so many other people much, much worse off. At least I am alive and have all limbs intact, it can always be a lot worse. I feel guilty for feeling so blue for myself too. I think maybe I have two brains and they constantly argue and reason with one another -ha ha. Who knows, if ever you need to chat just contact me - you have my email address.