Hey everyone, i'm Tabby from London U.K. I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2004 and since then its been....... (Don't really wana say)

It started off as joint pain, my knees first. Went to my G.P and was told i have artheritis! But as for my age then,19 he wanted a specialist to see me. The specialist diagnosed the SLE. At that time i didn't know what it was, never heard of it and didn't no anyone who had it.
Then came the joint pain all over, every joint was hurting. It got so bad that my mum had to turn me over when i was lying down.
Doc gave me steroids, which were a god send. I felt the worst was behind me and boy was i wrong........
At the start of 2006 i lost sight in my left eye, 2 months after that i woke up in hospital with tubes hanging out of me. i was in the ITU department of my local hospital. The Lupus had started to effect my blood which had caused blood clots in my kidneys, brain and my optic nerve (the cause of loss of vision). I had had a stroke.

I'm doing ok now but memory is a bit off so don't now if them dates are accurate lol.

Its taken me a long time to find people in the same boat as me, i don't no maybe i thought it would just go away. 5 years and it hasn't, i Just need to find someone like me to feel normal. I now it sounds stupid, but isn't it what we all seek...........