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Thread: Long journeys

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    Default Long journeys

    Have to travel for quite a long distance to see relatives as I don't live in the same town. The train journey is 1.5 hours with an hours journey at the end of it.

    I find that after such a journey I am really sore and stiff and it lasts for a few days. If I did the same journey in a car, it would be just as bad, although less tiring as I wouldn't have to change .

    How can I make this easier for myself and not have the stiffness and pain in my joints afterwards?

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    There are travel excersizes you can do before you begin your trip, during the trip and after the trip.

    They are geared towards keeping you blood flowing properly and moving your joints and preventing muscle cramps.

    Alot of people do not realize how important it is to do these. Serious blood clots can form on long trips.

    If you go to google and type in "travil excersizes" you should get a comprehensive list of stretches you can do ... even in an airplane seat.
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    Also, I find that if I get plenty of recuperative rest prior to a long trip, I am much more able to survive with less problems. SITC is absolutely right about travel exercises and moving about during journeys (when we travel by car, my husband stops for me about every 30 minutes so that I can get out, walk around, stretch, etc.). It might make your journey a bit longer, but at least you will arrive with less pain and/or problems.
    Eat well before your trip and make sure that you wear sunscreen and protective clothing (UV rays can affect us even through the windows of trains and cars).

    Hope your trip is enjoyable and that you arrive well enough to have fun!

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