St. James I intend to follow the Christmas wish advice which you gave to all the forum readers recently which was "to just sit back let others do the worrying and running around over the holiday period. I can do just that now as my wonderful daughter and her familie's Christmas gift to my husband and I was an unbelievable 14 day boat cruise to New Zealand to visit our new grand daughter who is already 7 months old. Also on Christmas Eve my rhuematologist said he intended to throw everything at me (this meant of course numerous blood and urine tests that afternoon for the umpteenth time)but he told me that this time he is determined to find the cause for my 8 month itch and the reason why I seem to be getting an allergic reaction to the Plaqunel and I am convinced that he will do it.I trust the year 2003 is kinder to you than the previous one with less down time. Keep well and a Happy New year to you all.