Okay, so I'm a new member, but I have been reading some of the posts for a couple of weeks now. My family physician is sending me to a rheumatologist (sp?), but my appt. isn't until Dec. He thinks I have some sort of immune disorder, and he thinks lupus is the one. I just don't know what to think. I am a married 26 year old, with 2 boys. One is turning two this Saturday, and the other is 6 months old. I am an early childhood education major, and will be finished in Dec. 09! Here are my symptoms:

-I have had a red rash on cheeks for a few years now, it is also slightly on my nose, but not by my mouth-I have read about the butterfly rash, but i was wondering, if that's what I have or not, because mine isn't severe looking, however anytime I don't wear makeup, my mom always asks if I feel alright and if I have a fever. It is also more prominent after being in the sun

-body aches-this started after my son was born in April, and has progressively gotten worse-some days are worse than others-but is lupus just aches in the joints, because mine are not only in my joints-my legs, arms, neck, back, and ribs sometimes also ache.

-I bruise easily-I always have-but it is worse now

-I have had fibromyalgia for 8 years now, but it has never bothered me that much. My mom has it, and she has had a lot of trouble, but I just have the really tender places that throb when they are touched

-In September, I had about 2 days where I could hardly make it through the day because I was so fatiqued, but most days I think I'm a little fatigued, but nothing severe.

-Also, does your pain run in cycles? I've noticed that around the 10th of Sept., Oct., and now Nov., I have been super achy and not felt well for a few days around that date. Other days I just have aches and pains throughout the day, but I am still able to function

-I read a little about Raynaud's phenomenon-my whole fingers don't turn a dark purple like the picture I saw-but anytime I'm very cold, my finger nails turn a purple color, and I have had people comment that I'm turning purple-but I don't know if this is really raynauds.

-I don't know if this is a symptom, but I have noticed this for a few years. When I am in the sun, for even just 10 minutes, my skin turns very red, and kind of has a webbing pattern of red, and then white circular places. The redness stays for a little bit, but it really doesn't look like a rash to me. I am very fair skinned, so maybe it's just a new thing with my skin.

-Speaking of skin, I have these raw places on my hands. I have had eczema in the past, but these places don't look like that. On these places, the skin peels off, and then it eventually heals.

-I was prescribed sulfa medication 2 and 1/2 years ago for a staph infection, and I developed hives all over my body, from head to toe, and was told I must be allergic to them.

-Bloodwork in Sept.-my wbc was 3.3, with a normal at 4.3
Hemoglobin 11.1 with normal 11.5
Hematocrit 35 with normal 34-47
MCV 86.7 with normal 80-99
MCH 27.4 with normal 25-34
MCHC 31.7 with normal 32 to 36
Platelet count 279 normal 130-400
mean plt volume 7.6 normal 7.4-10.4
neutrophil abs 1.49 normal 1.80-7.80

-I definitely have foggy brain

My great aunt died of lupus when I was young. My mom has fibro and also the kind of psoriasis that also affects your joints. My second cousin has MS.
Everything has happened since my son was born in April-I was wondering if sometimes pregnancy can trigger lupus or other autoimmune disorders? Any input is appreciated!
Thanks so much!