I would just like to introduce myself to everyone. I was diganosed with SLE nearly 2 years ago now, though I have suffered with the symtoms since I was about 8. Like many of us it took a long time to get a diagnosis and be taken serious.
I have to admit I am having difficulty with the coming to terms and coping with the disease and I just wanted to say that this website has provided me with so much support since I came across it a couple of months ago. It may sound strange, but it is a comfort to know that other people share the same or similar problems and concerns so I know I am not going mad or that it is all in my head. My family are having a hard time dealing with my diagnosis, but from reading posts on the website I have begun to realise that they are not being unsupportive or uncaring, it is just their way of dealing with things. So thank you, and I hope to be able to reply to some posts if thats ok?