Hi, so long story short, I am in my 30's, a mom and doing okay, but I have my BAD days.

I am glad that I found this place to share, learn and hopfully laugh

I have been going to docs for 8 years. I have a rheumy and a neurologist. They proscribe a medication for every symptom so I have a bathroom full of bottles that I can never remeber what is what! I only want to take a med that helps the root of the problem!

I was on Plaquenil for years and it helped, but my rheumy moved and so I do not have one at the moment, therefor I will not take the medication if it is not being monitored by a doctor.

I recently went to the emergency room for a terrible stomach "thing". The doctor just happened to specialize in auto immune issues and felt it necessary to say " This is your Lupus flaring". This was the first time any doctor had said this to me, I have always been told that I had a Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder...wow that is a mouthful!!!

So i was reffered to another rheumatologist and not sure if I should even waist my time and money!

I have a positive ANA speckled pattern, a positive smooth muscle antibody, anemia, a low scleroderma antibody and diagnosed migraines.

So there it is....short story long. Thanks for reading! I hope to get to know all of you.