This situation is very new to me.
It began last winter when I started having symptoms of what I now know is Raynaud's Phenomonon. At 41, I just thought I was having circulation issues. When it continued as the weather cooled down here in the fall and sporadically in the summer(cruising past the frozen food section in the grocery store), I went to my primary doctor.
He diagnosed me with Raynaud's and did some blood work. When it came back with an ANA of 1:1280, and low white blood cell of 3.8, he sent me to a Rheumatologist.

She went over my symptoms: Raynaud's, acute fatigue, acute joint pain, acute dull headaches, rash on my hand and ears, but goes away. No facial rash or mouth sores. No capillary issues in my nail beds. All very acute, lasting for short periods of time, with the only chronic thing being that I have symptoms all the time, they just are short in duration.
She did more extensive blood work--it came back positive RNP antibody.

She said all of this is not enough to diagnose lupus, but something is wrong and it may be first stages. I'll she her again in January.

My gut tells me I have it. I know my body and something is not right. I guess I was just hoping she would confirm it.
So, I'm focusing on taking care of myself, resting when I need to and not over doing anything. My doctor gave me Nifediac(high blood pressure meds) to help lessen the Raynaud's episodes. It seems to be helping, but the cold Illinois winters will be the real test.

Thanks for allowing me to talk. Peace.