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Hi DSunshine,

Its ok,its an old post.On the old site we didnt have a blog page..we do now.Confused me a bit too..dont worry.How are you? Your arm healing nicely n you still having fun?xxxxxxxx
Oh Okay...I got it. Thank you for clarifying that. I felt stupid after I read what she ment but I did think she was talking of a blog on our page like how we can post pics kinda of like facebook.
Well...my arm is healing nicely. Sometimes when I over do it I have a little pain at night when I lay down but I am well and healing and loving the summer for the most part. Had a dr. appt. yesterday and Dr. was on me about being in the sun Saturday for my cousin's wedding. I mean ON ME!!! But I got it now. I guess for a minute I thought I was normal and get do normal things as I did last summer...Long gone the days of that...HATS/UMBRELLAS and Sunblock SPF 80 as I was told!