Hi guys. I will try to make this short and am hoping for some insight.

About 5 months ago I was walking to get coffee when I got an incredible pain in my lower back (thought it was an old injury), 10 min later it went away. Well a week later my left ankle hurt so bad like it was going to snap in half, I could not walk....in the morning it was fine. However later THAT day my right foot felt as though it was being crushed-30 min later it was fine. The pains continued to jump around my body from place to place and still does. I have never had a pain like this, it feels like a deep toothache pain that will just pulsate anywhere from a minute to hours. Well 3 days after the onset of this I noticed what felt like vibrating in my right foot that would come and go. Lately I get this in my left foot and it alternates from feeling normal, to vibrating to tingling. About 1 wk after the onset of the pains I noticed EXTREME joint cracking. I counted once 15 times in 10 minutes. Sometimes the same joint cracks over and over within a few minutes. Last night my pelvic joint kept poping in and out of place. When I roll over at night all I hear is my shoulders cracking loudly. Finally, over the past 3 months I have had non stop muscle twitches all over my body- I feel like a popcorn machine. My muscles now feel like the fibers are getting pulled and at times I get nerve pains. My hair seems to be coming out more, especially my eye lashes.

I have had so many blood tests, full body bone scan, MRI of head and spine. All that came back was compression on my c spine but drs say that has nothing to do w my symptoms- and are stumped

I also want to mention that over the past 5 yrs I have had bad pains left of my belly button that have landed me in the ER twice, but I was fine. I was dx with GERD 2 yrs ago out of the blue and cannot get rid of it. I have had migraines for yrs.I do not have a butterfly rash but for yrs I have had pink skin above my lip-like its stained. I have tried IPL, ligtheners and it just wont go away. Finally, when I am in the sun too long I get a rash that itches.

Sorry for the long post, but does any of this sound like lupus?