Hi everyone. I went to a new rheumatologist today. Not sure if I liked her or not but it was only my first visit. :? She was surprised how good (healthy) I looked. She was amazed that I was only taking 1 medicine-plaquenil. I weaned down with all my other meds. I used to take prednisone, lisinopril, and Cellcept (weaned off it a month ago).

I told her all the symptoms I'm feeling: cold fingers and feet, fatigue (feeling tired on certain days, not everyday) heachaches, neck/back aches (not everyday)... She focused on my fatigue, and asked if I was anemic, have shortness of breath, have thyroid problems or heart problems. I answered "no" to all those questions. She examined me and found nothing wrong, heart sounds ok, thyroid ok. Then she wanted me to get a echocardiogram to rule out pulmonary hypertension. I never had problems with my heart before. I thought fatigue was a usual symptom of lupus and that there's no clear reason why we have it... :?

Has anyone else get tested for pulmonary hypertension with a echocardiogram? :?:

Is a rheumatologist the best doctor to go to for Lupus? I've been going to a nephrologist more often (every 2-3 mos) than a rheumie. He's been keeping close tabs on me since my diagnosis in 2006.