I am a 40 something mother of 3 (and two bonus daughters). As part of a gastroparesis research study, I had labs drawn which showed positive ANA at 1:160 homogenous pattern, elevated ESR, IgA and IgM. I was subsequently referred to a rheumy. the rheumy ordered labs, referred me to the Sjogren's Clinic at UCSF (11/18)and to a neuro-opthamologist (11/12).

After donating 27 vials of precious blood for diagnostic tests, I have the results back and am looking for assistance in interpreting the results:

Histone AB: Positive 7.3 (>2.5 positive)
SS-B: 3.9 Positive
Lyme Positive 1.37 (>1.10 positive)

As part of my labs, the rheumy ordered a HLA27 and HLA51 (Behcet's). The results were:
Locus Antigens
A 3, 29
B 7, 44

The other (usual AI diagnostic) labs came back within range.

It doesn't appear that I tested positive for the gene that has been linked to AI disorders

It seems that I tested positive for Sjogren's and I'm wondering if the results indicate Lupus also. I won't return to the rheumy until 12/18 and would like to see what others think about the lab results. Thanks in advance for your input!