Hi all, I am awaiting diagnosis for my 'illness' and don't know what it is yet - maybe Lupus or maybe Myositis. Does anyone recognise these sypmtoms please:
Mouth ulcers and painful hand rash for a month or so then went (almost - tips of fingers still have painful red dots) also had headache at that time and felt generally ill. Next had muscle spasms in back which made me shout out in pain - very bad at night.Now, three months on, have muscle pain in legs and back sometimes arms and always in left base of thumb - very painful! Chest xray shows partially collapsed right lung. Tend to get worse as the day wears on and very very tired and feeling a bit fed up.

Ring any bells with anyone?
I know you can't diagnose for me but would like to gather info if I can before going back to rheumatologist.[/list]