[b] Free Prescription Medications Where and How To Get Them

If you do not have insurance coverage for prescriptions and are NOT currently on Medicaid; check out a book called "Free (or almost free) Prescription Medications Where and How to Get Them" by David Johnson. Sadly, while employed his prescriptions costs were $1500 per month which exceeded what he made. I can think that many of us might be in this boat; I only wish there was a program for those of us who are forced to work less hours and our prescription costs outweigh what our gross pay is.

This gentleman has MS and was let go by his employer therefore losing his insurance nor could he receive any Medicaid. Mr. Johnson published a wonderful book of meds indexed by the makers of the meds themselves for patients whom meet the above criteria. Pharmacetical companies are listed alphabetically and meds are listed alphabetically along with indexes to appropriate pages with patient eligibility, phone numbers, addresses, and meds covered.

I hope this helps many who are in need.

God Bless,

Faith 8)