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Thread: Lupus or not Lupus!?

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    Default Lupus or not Lupus!?

    Hi! My name is Holly.. I am 25 and have been going back and forth with doctors to find out if I have Lupus or Rosecea. Has anybody else had Rosecea diagnosis to then find out it was Lupus? I have been researching lupus.. I get very bad headaches.. on the right side of my head always in the same location. I have arthritis in my knees (JRA since I was born). I am also ALWAYS tired and achy. I have actually been to a chiropractor to aid in that thinking I slept wrong or something. Does this sound like any cases out there?? Any advice would be well appreciated!! Thanks!

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    I guess both lupus and rosacea both look similar because they cause a malar rash (butterfly).

    The difference I guess if that rosacea is just a skin condition and not systemic, so your blood work should be normal, whereas in lupus it will not be normal.

    have you had your ANA, white count etc. tested?

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    Hi Holly....

    Follow the link...

    I have malar rash, it wasn't ever diagnosed as rosacea. Probably because all other test and symptoms assisted in my diagnose....but note there are distinguishing visible the link above.

    To confirm a diagnose they can do a skin biopsy, where they remove skin, using a small, about 1/4 " punch out to find the pathology of your skin. After removing a stitch or two maybe required. I've had two done prior and both times and ensured the stitches were done.

    Biopsy for Lupus are usually done in areas that are exposed to the sun...face, forearm.

    I would opt for this biopsy as a last result...there are other test to rule in, rule out Lupus as Furry has mention a few. The others are..

    o Complete blood count (CBC)
    o Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR)
    o Urinalysis
    o Blood chemistry
    o Complement levels
    o Antinuclear antibody test (ANA)
    o Other autoantibody tests (anti-DNA, anti-Sm, anti-RNP, anti-Ro [SSA], anti-La [SSB])
    o Anticardiolipin antibody test

    and in conjunction with your symptoms, a diagnose may or may not be made as this is only apart of the diagnose criteria that was set into place by the ACR. Are you aware of the 4 out of 11 criteria...would you like me to post them? Or go to this posting...following the link...

    Hope this helps...

    Keep looking for your wellness..
    I have Lupus. So *^#@! what.

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