ello all,
I'll keep it short because with the brain fog I have a tendency to lose focus quite easily. My name is Tyari and I'm 28 y.o. and I was recently diagnosed with SLE and fibromyalgia as of 8-15-08. I have been on disability since 7-29-08 because I became so confused and 'dazed' that I couldn't do my job anymore. I don't know what to do. I've been going to my rheumatologist, pyschologist, psychiatrist, dermatologist and a couple of other specialists and they still don
t know which is causing the brain fog so they are not treating the fog yet. ( I was also diagnosed with MDD, GAD, panic disorder and dysthymia disorder before they finally found out that it was lupus). I have had the brain fog going on 4 months now on a constant basis. I have had a CT scan, all kinds of bloodwork and more recently an MRI of the brain and the CT scan and MRI didn't reveal anything special. I have to have neuropsychological testing done next. I need some advice, guidance, support. Anything and everything because no one around me has an autoimmune disease so needless to say, its hard for people to understand. I'm on Plaquenil (2x), Relafen (2x), Flexeril (as needed) and Cymbalta (1 x). Any advice, words of encouragement, comments - all welcome. I know I'm missing a bunch of details but please ask any questions and I'll answer. Thank you all in advance. (not so short after all