Hello all, My name is Jacquie from Canada and I have recently been diagnosed with Lupus with SLE. For years I've had kidney problems and fatigue however no doctor could figure out why. I finally have the diagnosis and am happy to say I'm not a hypocondriac I knew something was always seriously wrong!! However the weird thing I have been struggling with for 10 years since this started is the situation of hives! It's awful, everytime I start exercising, running or any serious movement that breaks a slight sweat I get hives all over my legs. It's very painful and itchy as hecK!!! It's mainly in my legs. As a runner this has always been a serious issue to deal with.
I have found one thing that helps, lots and lots annd lots and lots of drinking water along with electrolytes. I suppose it helps me avoid water retention and dehydration. I have good days of course and have been able to run 3 marathons but only if I am extra careful and over induldge on water. I'm guessing this has something to do with my kidney damage and lupus as it all started at the same time.
Has anyone else had this? It's so frustrating as people think I'm nuts!
Any info!? No doctors seemed to ever have heard of this condition!
Although even after 10 years no doctors even thought of testing for Lupus so I suppose they're not the ones to ask, No better people to ask then similar people like you.... any info? Thank you so much!! JACquie