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    Please explain FMLA to me in layman's terms. Would my daughter be able to file this paperwork in her job? She takes depression medication and there have been times when they are changing or adjusting her medication and she has been late to work because of this, or has been drowsy at work because of the medication, or has had cryingbouts alone in her office.

    I know I sound stupid asking these questions, but this is unfamiliar territory to me. Would she be afforded protection in her situation by filing FMLA paperwork,or would she be protected perhaps by the Americans with Disabilities Act?

    Thanks for any information provided.

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    Default fmla

    hello an welcome, remember, especially here, there are no stupid questions. I am on the Family Medical Leave Act, I was fortunate in the fact that when I was in the hospital at the begining of last year our administrative assistant had every thing ready and set up. I do have to send in quarterly reports from my doctor to stay on it. Youre daughter will need to get ahold of some one in human resources to get the process started, when you take the paper work to the doctor make sure you explain to him that you need to be allowed a certain amount of time off to deal with your illness. And I believe the answer to your last question is yes. It is my understanding that being on fmla I am protected from lossing my job. I hope this helpa.
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