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Thread: Drs. Appt. and General Update

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    Default Drs. Appt. and General Update

    Went to the Dr. about a week ago. He is treating me now for the fall I took at my apartment complex. He said I have whiplash again and that both sides of my neck and shoulders go into muscle spasms now. He prescribed a muscle relaxant and some pain medication, Vicodin. It seems to temporarily relieve the pain somewhat, but it is not a panacea.
    Took away one of my blood pressure medicines, as I was dizzy all the time on it. He says he will try and find another one for me, as my pressure is rising again, since he took the new one away. The good news is that the infection that I had seems to be gone--Knock-on-wood.

    My boyfriend's in pain too with his broken tendon in his arm. Fortunately, his Workman's Compensation Claim seems to be going well since he hired an attorney. He is working again and he just signed papers for a settlement, and will be receiving some money to go back to school with, either P/T or night school. He seems pretty satisified with the agreement. He got a piece of steel in his eye the other day at work, and is being treated for that now. Welding can certainly be a hazardous trade!

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    That is great things are getting better for has been a bit rough for you and your boyfriend....

    But oh no, on the metal in the eye. I welded for a spell while in the Navy on Nuclear Subs...I know the hazards.

    Be well, you two...
    I have Lupus. So *^#@! what.

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