Hello, I have recently been diagnosed with Systemic Lupus with little prior knowledge of the disease. Unfortunately it is a disease that few people know a whole lot about.

Therefore I would like to be part of anything that will add awareness. As an artist, illustrator I have been working on a series of illustrations titled genuine (real people, real moments) capturing how people with Lupus can lead normal happy lives. We can still do anything!

I am wondering if anyone has any events planned for fundraising that I might be able to utilize my art works and donate a portion of all proceeds to lupus. I am willing to do art work of other families with Lupus, maybe others can submit photos of their family genuine special moments and we can capture moments of real life people, leading real normal lives despite the fact that they have lupus.

I think it is a good way to get people involved and interested.

If anyone can help add awareness of what i am doing or maybe asking people to submit their photos that would be excellent to help. I'm hoping to capture unposed photos of real moments, like families laughing, playing games, fishing, biking, birthdays whatever. Much appreciated!

Please email me your photos or info to jpotvin77@yahoo.ca

Thank you, Jacquie