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Thread: Monday's Trials and Tribulations

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    Default Monday's Trials and Tribulations

    Well yesterday was an eventful day! Boyfriend had jury duty and went to the courthouse, but was dismissed due to hardship. Apparently, he had submitted info. to the court, but had forgotten to sign the card he had sent back. Then I went with him to Simi Valley for the ride, as he wanted to sign up for a welding certification night class. That went well and he paid his tution and got signed up. Luckily there was room for him in this class, unlike the the one he tried to sign up for at the J.C. in Ventura. Then we came home to wait for an important phone interview from a state agency in Sacramento which never materialized. Apparently, they wrote down the wrong address and we never got paperwork we were supposed to get to fill out and send back to them before the interview. I get so frustrated with people who can't do their jobs. This is the second time, we missed the interview because of incompetency on the part of State of California employees. Anyway, this fiasco has set back the investigation of this matter for 2 months--a long time in the scheme of things. Anyway, I had had it and blew. Really good for my blood pressure which is sky high anyway!

    I called by State Assemblyman's office, and explained my situation. It was amazing how fast the paperwork I needed came to me on my E-Mail after that. I would recommend calling or contacting your congressmen, if you have a problem with a state or federal agency. It can't hurt! After that I was so upset, I just laid down and had a good cry. I felt better after I cried. The rest of the evening I tried to rest and watch Monday Night Football. Now it's a new day and hopefully a more peaceful one than yesterday.

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    Good cries are great aren't they? Hope your day gets and stays better.
    I just want to dance in the rain and stand in the sun...

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    And taking action with some form of success always seems to make us feel productive! So, you've done the right thing on both fronts; had a good cry and took appropriate action.
    Yes, this is a new day. Be glad in it, be grateful for it, and make it what you need it to be. Feel better :lol:

    Peace and Blessings
    Look For The Good and Praise It!

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