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Thread: scalp lesions.....Discoid lupus??

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    Default scalp lesions.....Discoid lupus??

    I was diagnosed with having sle and scalp psoriasis. I have been using the medicated shampoo and clobetasol that I was prescribed. It has now been approximatley a year since these lesions started. They are not healing so I went to a new doctor (old one retired) and he says it's not psoriasis but believes I have discoid lupus he told me to keep doing the same treatment but reffered me to a skin specialist. Unfortunatley he's booked up for months. I can't handle the itching, scabing and pain anymore and it is spreading on my head like wildfire. Is there anything else i can be doing to help it heal or at least stop it from spreading?

    Since i have just recently been diagnosed I have not yet gotten to the rheumy either as he too is booked solid. i have my first appt with him in november so I have not yet been prescribed plaquenil just nsaid's, topical steroids and medicated shampoo.

    I would be very appreciative if anyone has any tips or suggestions.

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    Hi Tiva,

    I'm not suffering from this issue, but I'm sure someone else will be along soon who can answer you questions.

    Mostly I just wanted to welcome you to the board as I've not met you yet

    I have the odd bought with mouth sores, I went to the pharmacy and they showed me a line of products that help to numb and heal. Perhaps the pharmasist could help you out.

    I'm on plaquenil and I find it is helping with a number of issues I was having. But it can take up to 6 weeks to build up in your system before you will notice any benifit.

    If you can, call the specialists office and ask to be called if they have a cancellation. Some times you can get in quicker that way, but you have to be able to drop what you are doing, and go when called.

    One of the little joys I am dealing with is psoriac arthrits. Basically I was told there is no treatment for that, as nothing has been found to work.

    So perhaps it's a blessing that they are telling you that it's not psoriasis.

    I'm sure anther member will be along soo. and welcome.
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    Hi Tiva;
    Sits_inthe_corner has given you excellent advice. If your scalp issues are Lupus lesions, then Plaquenil will probably be the best treatment. Usually, doctors will give you Plaquenil with Prednisone to speed up the process because Plaquenil can take up to 6 weeks before you really see significant results. The good news is, once the Plaqeunil heals the lesions, they almost never come back!
    When you talk to your doctor, ask about Plaquenil, if they are indeed Lupus lesions.

    Peace and Blessings
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