Hi everyone,
I wanted to ask the group if anyone has experienced blured vision and memory issues with LUPUS?
I have in the past had tingling in my arm, and got to a point where i became so forgetful that i lost three pairs of eye glasses in two months. At that time i told my Dr. about it, and he sent me to get an MRI. It came back normal, so then he sent me to a neurologist, just to make sure, but i never really made it there (lost insurance, then symptoms went away, then got insurance again and simply forgot). I am having some issues with my insurance again now, and probably will not be able to go to the doctors for at least one more month, maybe two. I was wondering if anyone out there has had these symptoms.
my eyes: they get blurry, and out of focous- its like all of the sudden my prescription is not good enough. The doctor told me that i also have sjogenrs (sp?)- constant dry eyes, which i take care of with lubricating drops. but this is different. they are not red, simply become out of focous. At first i thought it might be work (computer, or something) but it also happens now in the middle of the day or in the mornings.

my head: i cant seem to concentrate, i forget things easily... i go to my boss office, and stand there not knowing why, come back,and foget again. I'm misplacing things again, and although i have many things to do, i cant seem to get them started or to stay on them too long. This is not really typical of me. I was never forgetful, never the kind of girl that would lock her keys in her car.

The tingling and numbness of my arms and even legs is there as well, but its cold now, so i attribute it to that. So anyone out there had these symptoms, and if so, is there some medication or action taken by your doctor?, i worry that is the case, since i wot be able to visit with him for a while. should i be worried? other than that, things seem to be about the same... still having my shoulder pain, which has turned into both arms and more like arm pain (lifting them up, sudden movements, etc.) they are very sore all the time, like as if i had over excerciced them at the gym, and everyday is the morning after.
thanks and hopefully somone can help me dicipher the latest batch of symptoms.