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Thread: Back on 40mgs

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    Default Back on 40mgs

    Earlier this summer, after 12 years of prednisone use, I finally worked my way down to a paltry 5mg. Well, I just came out from a 2 week hospital stay and they've pumped me back to 40mgs . Welcome back moonace and weak muscles.
    I went in for Cellulitis in my leg, that cleared up easily enough with anti-biotics but my fevers (103 - 104.7) persisted daily. They ran every blood culture and gave me every anti-biotic they had in their closet and nothing worked. They finally threw their hands up and blamed it on the Lupus, despite a low ANA count.
    Well, at least I feel better.
    Its very possible I am flaring since I've been under a lot of stress of late. I suffered renal failure at the end of Sep. and went on Dialysis. I handled it all well and registered for Tue/Thur/Sat treatment at 6 AM. I'm an early riser and I'd be out by 10. A late start two days a week in the office was going to be no problem. Wrong. I had no idea dialysis was going to take so much out of me. I was already a bit overwhelmed at work, then to come in feeling like an empty sack of potatos was wiping me out. I tried pretending I felt fine when all I wanted to do was close my ofice door and go to sleep. I think this lead to my crash.
    I'm adjusting by switching to the 4PM shift, unfortunately there's a wait. But I'm going to tell my manager that I'm going to be working from home on my dialysis days until I can get the afternoon shift. He's been very understanding.
    Thanks for listening!

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    NJJim - Just wanted to send you best wishes for feeling better. I have kidney probs, too, but fortunately no dialysis. I'll be thinking of you and hoping your work situation gets resloved sooner than later.


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    Hi NJJIM:
    Welcome to our forum family :P
    You are quite lucky in that you have a job and a boss who is very understanding. Hopefully, working from home will give you opportunities to get some productive rest periods. With your dialysis, it is going to be very important that you are able to regenerate and recuperate (especially with all of the other issues that you are dealing with)
    I wish you the best of luck and know that you are not alone!


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