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Thread: In Dx limbo and confused..

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    Default In Dx limbo and confused..

    I've been going to my doc for YEARS complaining of a million different issues I've had. Most of the time i've been told that I'm depressed, I assured my doc that I infact was not depressed or he'd give me a handful of painkillers and kick me out the door refusing to do any real tests.

    I recently went to a walk in clinic to see a different doctor and as I walked in the door he looked at me at said "oh are you here about your butterfly rash" I was like "no? what rash" I never gave my beeming red cheeks and nose a second thought I just assumed it was from the sun. So after talking about every issue and discussing SLE with him and doing a ton of tests, he's quite sure I have lupus. The rhuematologist is booked full until late november so I can't know for sure.

    My symptoms are:

    Sharp random nerve pain in my neck, hips, back
    constant cracking, popping, grinding in all joints
    severe middle back pain at night limiting breathing
    panic attacks (newish symptom)
    shoulder pain
    foggyness or lightheadedness
    psoriasis on scalp
    butterfly rash
    chronic fatigue
    unable to tolerate extreme heat or cold
    hypersensativity to light (eyes)
    enlarged uterus causing menstral issues

    I have had only one ANA test which came back positive.

    Despite all these issues I've managed to stay extremely active but I am slowly finding it harder to continue being active since I want to sleep all day/night. I find myself socially withdrawn somewhat because I prefer to stay at home and sleep wether I need it or not.

    Are these ailments common with lupus? and is there anything I can do to help control the pain/ discomfort until late november? I currently have clobetasol for my psoriasis, and nsaids for the pain which don't work even though I've tried alot of different ones.

    sorry for the long posts and thanks for any input.

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    Hi Tiva...

    Welcoming you with open arms..

    It does takes months in some areas to see a Rheumatologist for our first visit.

    In answering your question about common ailments...yes we have many, many. Some of them can be from a secondary auto-immune syndromes. Raynaund's Syndrome, Sjogren's Syndrome. Fibromyalgia..

    Directly related to Lupus on your list is...
    Butterfly rash
    Foggy head
    Chronic Fatigue
    Sensitive to light.
    Shoulder and joint pain..

    And some of your symptoms relate to the syndrome I listed above...

    Didn't the doctor at the clinic provide you with anything, prescription drugs for your symptoms? He could have...

    For self care...follow the link...

    Again about, read about...lots of experience with Lupus here..

    Keep looking for your wellness...
    I have Lupus. So *^#@! what.

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    Hi Tiva;
    Oluwa has given you excellent information and advice. Please let us know, after following her suggestions, if you need anything further.
    Welcome to our family :lol:

    Peace and Blessings
    Look For The Good and Praise It!

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