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Thread: Anyone have support group ideas & info?

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    Default Support through Art Idea

    Hello, I have recently been diagnosed with Systemic Lupus with little prior knowledge of the disease. Unfortunately it is a disease that few people know a whole lot about.

    Therefore I would like to be part of anything that will add awareness. As an artist, illustrator I have been working on a series of illustrations titled genuine (real people, real moments) capturing how people with Lupus can lead normal happy lives. We can still do anything!

    I am utilize my art works at fundraising events and donating a portion of all proceeds to lupus. I am doing art work of other families with Lupus. I am looking for photos of their family genuine special moments and we can capture moments of real life people, leading real normal lives despite the fact that they have lupus. It also will demonstrate an excellent means of!

    I think it is a good way to get people involved and interested.

    If you would like to submit your photos that would be excellent to help. I'm hoping to capture unposed photos of real moments, like families laughing, playing games, fishing, biking, birthdays whatever. Much appreciated!

    Please email me your genuine moments captured on photos or info to

    Thank you, Jacquie

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    Default support group

    hey! thumbs up to you for starting a group!
    in 1994 when i first went to a local lupus chapter, i was disappointed that he only things that group was open to was talking about prednisone and lawyers. i brought up some emotional topics and it fell like a lead balloon. later i wnt back adn broght up some alternaitv medicine i had discovered and had good success with adn was cut off and accused of being off topic, so i decied not to go back and started my own group.

    we stayed solution oriented but also people were free to talk about how things were going with them. we met regularly for 6 months and i got a lot out of it. there wre 4 of us, and we all showed every time, adn those meetings meant a lot to me. maybe 4 wasn't a big turnout but it was exactly what i neede at that time- someone to be "real" with who knew exactly what i was going through.

    folks brought in books about yoga, the grief process, i talked about teh alternative medicine i was doing. it was great.

    i got to doing so well i didn't need meetings anymore. i think we kind of all got what we needed at that timeadn disbanded.

    i had a huge crisis 8 years later and started gogn to the locl lupus chapter in my new area- in west palm beach adn i liked this lupus local chapter much better. they were far moe open minded than the first one i went ot in South Carolina.

    in teh west palm group, they ahve shown a movie, had someone lead us througha visualiztion, had a social around christmas. i only went to a few- it was very out fo the way for me, adn then i moved further away fromt eh meeting- but i was encouraged by th open midedness. and this meeting had about a dozen members.

    i think it na be a very valuable place.

    the one rule in west palm was not to mention doctors by name, whether you were saying good or bad things about them. not inside the meeting anyhow

    and the leader often solicited suggetions on what people wanted to have at the future meetings. that was nice. it kept it "our" meetings and not something handed down from an authority figure- very democratic.

    sof or me- open exchange of ideas, freedom to be real without sinking into a pity party, and keeping the meetings a good length like 60-90 minutes.
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