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Yolly - Goodmorning
You are also blond and very light skinned = easily sunburned! Try not to 'blame' everything on Lupus now that it has been diagnosed, it will only make it harder on yourself to accept it and deal with it. You have always been sensitive to the sun due to your fairness, and you still would be without Lupus. xoxo
Yolly you are very very fair and sunburn would be very easy. Also being early diag often we all go through looking back and picking up on little things that may be associated with Lupus great to be aware but be very careful not to spend too much time looking back - my thoughts are if I spend half the energy looking forward then I can try and prepare for each day so that I can get the most of each day as I can eg. Planing out my rest time allows me to get a lot more done and satisfaction increases. Also with the photosensitive issue if I am not wrong it is not just sunburn but also the exhaustion from the sun uv lights. When I sit under a flurolightifeel like superman who has just sat near kriptinite. As Prof Fiona Wood who was the Australian of the year says "only mix with positive people if you want to get a job done!" great advice from Debs!