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Thread: A coupla questions.....Noni Juice, MRI, herbs and/or homeopa

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    Default A coupla questions.....Noni Juice, MRI, herbs and/or homeopa

    I was at a health food store in my town today. I found this juice that says it is good for an anti-inflammatory. It is called Noni Juice. The directions say one oz. daily on an empty stomach. Has anyone heard of this? I think I am gonna try it and see what happens.

    Also I have heard of people diagnosed with lupus being scheduled almost immediately for x-rays or an MRI. Why x-rays and MRIs?I was never scheduled for either.
    I also have not seen a rheumy although now that we have moved to a new state I am going to get a referral to a rheumy.

    I think I would like to in addition to my medications begin taking some supportive supplements and vitamins. Would this be helpful to me or a money waster?


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    Me, my daily homeopathic regime...

    I supplement with Fish Oils, CoQ10 and B complex...

    Flax seed ground daily with cereal, or yogurt cup...

    Swim or stretch or both.

    Eat fresh, bright colors.

    And a Hershey's Plain Chocolate Bar every now and then..

    An MRI or an x-ray should only be warranted when there is reason, specific pain or as diagnosing tool...not just because we have IT.

    I have Lupus. So *^#@! what.

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    I've heard of Noni Juice, Monavie Juice, Fruita Vida Juice ...all with the same basic claims. There are a lot of similar products, and this brings up the possibility of nutritional and related treatments for lupus, especially when joint pain and stiffness and fatigue are prominent. Since 95% of Lupus patients suffer from pain, stiffness, morning stiffness, and fatigue, we often find there are many non-medication ways to help control the feelings of lupus that are so common and so limiting. There are a number of supplements that may well decrease inflammation and pain, including such foods as ginger, foods that have high omega-3 content, such as many types of fish, and other dietary supplements and herbs (as well as those suggested by Oluwa).
    My suggestion is that if your doctor feels that it's safe, and you try it for a few weeks to a month or two, you can find whether it gives you relief of pain, stiffness, or fatigue. There are many choices and many other supplements that can be tried. I would also suggest that you read the label very carefully, just to be sure which ingredients you're taking, so you'll know which ones give you a good response and/or which ones you need to avoid.

    With reference to the MRI and CT SCAN, It's not the most common test used to help diagnose Lupus, but it could eliminate the most common problems and it can be used when there is evidence of brain or CNS involvement,to help rule out stroke or other problems. MRI can help doctors to eliminate other problems that can happen along with lupus or mimic lupus, especially in the brain, and can help evaluate other organs.
    An MRI is usually used as a test to help the overall diagnosis of medical problems and is less likely to give a specific diagnosis of SLE. It is more likely to show the effects that Lupus has had on organs in the body.

    Peace and Blessings
    Look For The Good and Praise It!

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