Hello people out there! Haha! I have been in this forum since last year but I was not active at the beginning of this year because of some stuff that has been happening such as moving house and etc. Anyway I am 16 this year and will be having a major exam soon (GCE O'Level), so I just want to know if anybody out there have any tips on how to cope with exam stress, how to study smart, what food should I take for energy boost and so on. I really want to do well because of my parents and I had to let go some of the things just to do so like going out with my friends, break a friendship with one of my friend, rejected 2 guys, drop one subject and so on. But one thing about me is, everytime I come back from school, I want to sleep. After I sleep, I will watch tv. I will always be so tired after school that I would not have any energy or mood to study. I really hope that I will do well because I want to have a good job when I get older to support my parents. Anyway, I'm a bit worried now that prelims will be during fasting month. I just hope that at least I get a decent grade for my prelims. So, if you all have anything, just tell me, it would be deeply appreciated. Thank you.