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    Default Skin Discoloration

    What would cause pale patches in your skin? I try not to get over worried, but skin cancer runs in the family. So I like to check out anything of the skin that I don't know or understand. On shoulders, upper-side of arms, upper back and a little upper chest. Some of the skin is exposed to sun, rest is never. Small patches and strips. I thought maybe dry skin, but no lotion changes the discolor. Started only a few spots on upper arm a few months back. Now its in more areas. You don't notice right away, but step in the light or outside and it does. Any ideas would be helpful. I just want to make sure its nothing to be concerned about .

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    Cheryl, if there's a history in your family, you should probably have it checked out by a dermatologist. Both of my parents had skin cancer (not the most serious kind, but still...) so I worry about those kind of things too. I've been thinking of doing a dematologist 'check up' to have all my skin checked out.

    Let us know if you learn anything, Cheryl! Thinking about you....

    "If you trust Google more than you trust your doctor than maybe it's time to switch doctors."

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