What skin products do you recommend? I seem to be developing all sorts of skin manifestations I have never had before. I would like to know what hair, body wash and shower products are known to NOT aggrevate Lupus.... I get really itchy legs.

I have several rashes, according to my doc are different manifestations of Lupus but this is a new one, the itchy legs after a shower. I've tried, only washing my hair - itchy, only washing my skin, itchy (different products), tried the shave cream, itchy... all once I leave the shower it starts to itch like crazy. Is it the water or product. Everything I use is hypoallergenic and the body wash has been Aveeno Oatmeal bodywash as recommended but I don't know if it's dry skin being aggrevated or what...

Any ideas and any recommended products?

Thanks, my itchy legs thank you too!