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Thread: New fundraising efforts

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    Default New fundraising efforts

    Hi everyone,

    I'm SO excited. I went to a local Annual General Meeting for the local Lupus chapter where I live and was blown away by someone who really is fundraising to make some major changes in research and funding for Lupus. I hope this is allowed to do this and if not Saysusie delete away but I'm not "promoting it" I'm just excited as a Lupus patient because this is making major waves and raising millions of dollars for pediatric Lupus and Arthritis and I just want everyone to know that there are Lupus champions out there pushing for all of us.

    Please let me know if it's against the rules to post it but I'm just so excited at the prospect of a huge change in the way Lupus fundraising is headed. Lots of celebrities and great events and I think this may help all of us in the future. Just thought everyone could use a little bit of hope today!
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    This does not violate our rules because you are not asking anyone to send money to you for your personal gain.
    I am impressed by the amount of people who are involved in this and by the fact that this is a great effort!

    Peace and Blessings
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