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    I have been fighting this for a while now and from what I just came back to the forum with(heart surgery, seizures, swollen esophagus, small stroke) when do you know enough is enough? I mean I am really so tired that I am asleep more than I am awake anymore and I have been off work since 5-1-08. I take 13 pills at night and 9 in the morning. I guess I am just getting very depressed (yeah--got a pill for that too). I want to just go on disability but I am afraid about my husband and son. I am not as worried about the money as the insurance. If I did not have that, I would not have a house right now. I know everyone out there understands what I am saying, but I just need s bit of help please. can some one that has been there explain how something like that would work? thanks for all your help!!

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    I live in Massachussetts, so Im not sure if this applies, but: When you receive disability, you get Medicade or Medicare. I dont know if your family would then be eligilbe too, but...If not, they would then qualify for some form of Masshealth (which is for those who dont have a job, and have no other way to pay for insurance.
    A good friend of mine is on disability, and has medicade AND Masshealth. Her son has full health insurance with Masshealth too. She is single, however. Im not sure about your husbands employment (self0insured, the insurance cost is too much , etc.) But, it is certainly something you should look into in your state, as I think they vary from state to state. What Ive noted above is , as I said, what happens in Massachusetts. We have ALL KINDS of new laws here (big surprise) being established, so its been changing.
    But, anyway, call your local social security office and find out what they offer for insurance when one is aproved for disability (ask if its for you only, or your whole family) , and then call your state's welfare dept and ask about insurance for them if you were to become disabled.
    Good luck, let us know what happens
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