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Thread: That armpit pain, nurse called and wouldn't tell me what it.

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    Default That armpit pain, nurse called and wouldn't tell me what it.

    I had an MRI on Tuesday. My doctor's nurse calls me this afternoon and tells me I need to come in tommorow and could I make it in at 11:30. I said of course I would come in, and what was wrong? She said the doctor would explain the whole thing to me and that I would be getting an injection. Then I ask her if it's anything serious :?: She tells me my doctor would go over the whole dx with me at my appointment. Now she's got me all freaked out! :shocked!: The worst things keep going through my mind. If it wasn't something minor she would have had me wait the weekend , instead of fitting me in to her already over filled work day! But, if it was super bad wouldn't she have just put me in the hospital? I know I am over reacting. The prednisone always makes me super edgie! Almost a little :twisted:! I don't know if I am letting my imagination get the best of me or if I have reason to be paniced. With all the hard times my family has recently gone through I just am not sure I could handle another disaster in my life. Gosh, am I really loosing my mind? To make things worse I keep falling asleep. In the middle of talking in the middle of cooking and cleaning. I even fell asleep driving! ops: It's just been crazy! Then once I lay down to try and get sleep I can't stay asleep to save my life. Like now I should be in bed! :sleeping: Instead I am zapped awake and just feeling like I am loosing my mind. Another side effect of steroid use for me to not be able to sleep. The "narcalepsy" is something that I can't say ever really happend to me before. It's a new and very worrisome symptom. This ever happen to anyone? Just zonking out without cause? Wish me luck everyone at my appointment tommorow. I am sure all will end up being just fine. Thanks once again everyone for listening to me rant and rave :crazyeyes: ~HUGGIES~Lucy

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    Default I went to the doctor's GOOD NEWS!~

    Late last night I posted a lengthy whinny post about my worries over what my nurse said! Prednisone and well let's face it just plain old over reacting brought on that silly post :changes:

    I went to my doctors appt. I was all set for bad news. Like I was going to for sure need to have the shoulder replacement right away or that I had some very serious disease in my shoulder! :? I was truly freaked out. While sitting there in the waiting room I watched people coming and going and wondered what they were there for and if they could tell how nervous I was feeling. :roll:

    The nurse comes out and calls my name Lucy Makeggie.....They of course always ALWAYS mispronounce my last name, Makeggie seems to be what most people think my last name is. My last name is MacKeige. You say it Mac Keg. The name is my husbands and is irish and is darn hard to say. It sure doesn't sound like it looks :turn-l:

    She doesn't say much to me but turns to my 2 year old daughter and starts taking to her and playing with her as if nothing is going on. I know it is very hard to resists my darling little 2 year old. She always draws people into her and has since she was newborn. Anyhow, I am standing there looking for any kind of sign. Sign that bad news was on the way. Sign that ANYTHING was on the way. As you can tell I was really worked up.

    She finally after what in my mind felt like 10 min turned to me and asked me to sit on the table so she could get my vitals. I was still looking at her for some sign. She just went about her job taking my temp, blood preassure, pulse and charting. What seemed like another 10 min she between giggling and playing with my baby tells me "the doctor will be in shortly to see you". My mind raced with things my doctor might say to me. I sat back in the chair and fittled with my daughters hair, looked for indacation from my husband that he was feeling the same. Or feeling anything at all uppydogeyes:

    Time passed so slowly but really on a few minutes had passed when my doctor walks in. With large needle/syringe filled with what I guessed was steroids or so I hoped. Not some downer to calm me from some terrible news :cry: She asks me how I am doing, I'm thinking in my ming doesn't it show all over my face I'm a mess! I am loosing my mind! I need an answer. But, I politely say I'm ok.

    She goes right to it. Well, we got your results back from your MRI and you have huge amounts of fluid in your joint it's all caused from over use and is tendonitis. And that the shot she was going to give me was indeed a cortisone/lidocain. She tells me that it is going to make it feel tons better and that I should sit up on the table.

    First I wanted to ask her WHY :!: She was great. She told me it's from over use and very common in young active people. I begin to laugh. ACTIVE? I am hardly active. Doing to much makes my joints ache and hurt. It's not like I am a pitcher or something. She tells me it's something that just has happened from over use. Carrying huge loads of laundry, carting my beautiful baby and all her "things". If you are a mom you know how many "things" you have to carry around with you to keep baby clean,fed,changed,entertained ect...ect... :multi:

    She asures me that it's really a very common though painful injury. She tells me it has nothing to do with my lupus or any other health problem I have. She tells me that I will need some physical therapy, we would wait to do that till the injury had healed some and didn't hurt so much. She tells me that it would likely be painful for the next week or so but, that the shot she was going to give me would most certainly improve my symptoms drastically.

    I was so extremely relieved that it was something simple and treatable with a little steroids and exerciseing the area. I then started to have a little panic about the rather large needle she had in her hand that she intended on putting in my shoulder! :crazyeyes: I had had the same kind of shot both in my knees and one in my spine. The one in my spine was done by a special doctor and was done under x-ray to be sure they were guilding the needle into the right spaces between discs. That I had been numbed early on, the ones in my knees had hurt, they had only given me a little local and POKE! :twisted: I was again expecting the worst :!:

    I know this fear and fright is all reallu unfounded. Once it was done I knew I was going to be VERY relieved that everything was ok and I was done with long ugly needles for awhile. I ask her how bad is this going to hurt? She laughes and says it's not to bad. But I am going to numb you up really good first. She did just that! She used some strang cold COLD spray that felt almost sharp going on. She sprayed my whole shoulder and upper arm. I was thinking that bad smelling buring cold spray surely isn't going to numb me enough to not feel that HUGE LONG ugly needle going into shoulder joint! :shock:

    She tells me ok here we go. She is sticking this 2 inch needle into my shoulder all the while telling me what it is she was doing. Making sure she was getting the needle into the joint. AND I WASN'T FEELING a thing! Nothing. This awful burning cold spray she had used numbed me better than any numbing agent I had ever had used on me. I have had many kinds of numbing meds used on my for many different reasons in the past. From IV's to stiches to well many things. I'm sure I am missing something. It was over before it started :flasingsmile:

    So to bring this again overly long post to a close, I has psyched myself out over something that was simply not hat big of a deal. In fact it was really actually good news. I won't need any long term drugs to fix it. I won't need any surgery! Yes, tendoinitis is painful. Really painful. Yes, it makes doing any heavy lefting, cleaning, driving and well other fun things I won't mention here :P I am going to be fine with a little physical therapy, extra prednisone, extra pain meds and resting the arm for a week or so. I should be back to normal in no time flat :angel:

    My shoulder is a little stiff at the moment, but i was told to expect a little extra tenderness and discomfort for a day or two, then after that I ahould feel tons better! It won't be long at all till I'm back to my normal or not so normal ops: self. I bet I won't even learn to not over do myself either! I have 5 kids for goodness sakes, plus the other 2 I live with! I have a lot of chores to keep up on. In order to keep this place tip top. 11 people in a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom apt takes a heck of a lot of work Thanks millions for letting me go on and on about my prednisone induced hysteria ~HUGGIES~ Lucy

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    Default silly nurses!

    HI, i'm very glad that everything turned out to be ok! The same thing has happened to me, a nurse will call, and say the doctor needs to see me "right away", causes panic attack, stress!, and it's about something minor or not as bad as what your mind has come up with!.
    So i understand, and please feel free to share, I actually go through that, thinking that I'm going crazy, and its good to know that its a normal reaction On the falling asleep, its been hapening to me too! At work,I fell asleep while talking to my boyfriend on the phone in the middle of the day, and thankfully I dont have to drive now, but i fall asleep on the train on my way home, and a couple of times have missed my exit and need to backtrack.. and the worst part is of course, that just like you, when it IS proper sleep time, i can't! and its sooo very frustrating, because i know i'm tired, and i want to be sleeping, but its 2:30 in the morning and i'm wide awake. You seem to have a huge load of responsabilities, and it is very impressive to me that you are able to handle all of that! I have a hard time doing my laundry and gettin myself dressed, so kuddos to you for handling such a load! In my short time in this group I realize the importance of someone listening, so I'm here if you ever need to complain some more. anytime, for any reason!

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    Hi Lucy; I am very happy that your ordeal turned out to be something that was very treatable and not a serious illness. Nurses will NEVER give information (unless directed to do so by the doctor). They are strictly forbidden to discuss medical issues with a patient unless the doctor tells them to. There have been too many times when nurses have given bad or wrong information and the patient has sued the doctor or hospital because of that. The next time that you are under stress and in fear of what is going on, tell the nurse to have the doctor call you because you are fretting excessively about what your diagnosis may be. Most doctors and HMO's are trying very hard to be more accessible to patients and more open to providing information and are now required to return their patient's call within a certain amount of time. At the very least, the nurse should be allowed to tell you that there is nothing for you to be alarmed about!
    WIth reference to your falling asleep at inappropriate times, here is what I found out;
    Chronic and Persistant Fatigue is one of the most common sysmptoms of Lupus. However, there are several other conditions that can cause falling asleep at inappropriate times, such as Narcolepsy. Those other conditions should be ruled out before a diagnosis is made. Chronic and Persistat Fatigue can also be caused by:

    * Obstructive sleep apnea. This is a major sleep disorder that causes fatigue and afternoon sleepiness and must be ruled out before a diagnosis of narcolepsy can be established. (A person may also suffer sleep apnea and narcolepsy at the same time.)/* Chronic fatigue syndrome/ * Head trauma/ * Infectious mononucleosis/ * Guillain-Barre syndrome/* Hepatitis/* Atypical pneumonia, particularly those involving echoviruses.
    If your condition is narcolepsy, you may experience excessive sleepiness during the day with episodes of falling asleep rapidly and inappropriately, even when fully involved in an activity.
    Certain autoimmune diseases (including Lupus) tend to afflict people with particular genetic molecules of the immune system called human leukocyte antigens (HLAs). It has been suggested that narcolepsy may be an autoimmune disease, in which the immune system may be tricked into perceiving its own proteins to be antigens. (Antigens are foreign substances targeted for attack by immune factors in the body.) In the case of narcolepsy, such an attack occurs against hypocretin receptors, possibly because of their resemblance to some actual antigen, such as a virus.
    Disorders of excessive sleepiness are called hypersomnias. These include:

    * Sleep apnea
    * Narcolepsy
    * Restless leg syndrome
    * Obstructive sleep apnea
    * Central sleep apnea
    * Idiopathic hypersomnia
    * Respiratory muscle weakness associated sleep disorder

    Sleep apnea more commonly affects obese people, but it may affect anyone with a short neck or a small jaw, regardless of weight. The disorder causes breathing to stop intermittently during sleep, resulting in the person being awakened repeatedly. People with sleep apnea often they have difficulty achieving prolonged deep sleep. This results in excessive daytime sleepiness.

    Narcolepsy is a condition of daytime sleep attacks as well as other features that may include sleep paralysis and hypnagogic hallucinations. Sleep attacks occur despite adequate sleep at night. A person with narcolepsy may suddenly fall asleep in any situation, without warning.

    Restless leg syndrome is a condition of periodic lower-leg movements during sleep with associated insomnia or daytime sleepiness.
    Make sure that you discuss your symptoms with your doctor so that you can be properly diagnosed and treated.
    Once again, I am so happy that things turned out well for you. I wish you the best of luck!!

    Peace and BLessings

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