I had an MRI on Tuesday. My doctor's nurse calls me this afternoon and tells me I need to come in tommorow and could I make it in at 11:30. I said of course I would come in, and what was wrong? She said the doctor would explain the whole thing to me and that I would be getting an injection. Then I ask her if it's anything serious :?: She tells me my doctor would go over the whole dx with me at my appointment. Now she's got me all freaked out! :shocked!: The worst things keep going through my mind. If it wasn't something minor she would have had me wait the weekend , instead of fitting me in to her already over filled work day! But, if it was super bad wouldn't she have just put me in the hospital? I know I am over reacting. The prednisone always makes me super edgie! Almost a little :twisted:! I don't know if I am letting my imagination get the best of me or if I have reason to be paniced. With all the hard times my family has recently gone through I just am not sure I could handle another disaster in my life. Gosh, am I really loosing my mind? To make things worse I keep falling asleep. In the middle of talking in the middle of cooking and cleaning. I even fell asleep driving! ops: It's just been crazy! Then once I lay down to try and get sleep I can't stay asleep to save my life. Like now I should be in bed! :sleeping: Instead I am zapped awake and just feeling like I am loosing my mind. Another side effect of steroid use for me to not be able to sleep. The "narcalepsy" is something that I can't say ever really happend to me before. It's a new and very worrisome symptom. This ever happen to anyone? Just zonking out without cause? Wish me luck everyone at my appointment tommorow. I am sure all will end up being just fine. Thanks once again everyone for listening to me rant and rave :crazyeyes: ~HUGGIES~Lucy