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    Has anyone heard of MCS? Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome?
    My husband is convinced I have this, because of the sensitivity I have to smells.
    I went to my General doc last week and he ran all the test, the lupus ANA came back negative. Some of the blood work was out wack. He repeated it and all was ok the second time around. He of coarse wanted to know "what was bugging me". "What emotional problems am I having?"
    Wait and see the nero.
    My job fired me! Can't draw unemployment, if I can't work!
    My husband is freaking. I am trying to stay calm. Between hurting, the headaches, the throwing up, the numbness and barely being able to move, I just want to sleep and not wake up. It seems easier to stay in bed. I can't sit up long. I try to be the computer, do research, sometimes just answer email. I have to go lie down, my head is spinning andd I am so sick to my stomach. My neck, shoulder, arms and hands hurt.
    At my job, I had to be on the computer constantly, pull books off shelves, help people with questions. If they were wearing any knind of perfume or cologne, I would be so sick, I would have to go throw up. Some day days, I would have to leave early, I would be so sick. My doc seems to think it is in my head. So the the literture on the subject.
    At least I could have dealt with lupus; here you have, this is what we are going to do, this is what your employer need to do.
    Now, you just get to lose everything you have worked for. yeah!

    Sorry, it really isn't like me to throw a pitty party.
    I am having a real bad day.
    I am going to go for now.


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    Hi Mamaj :lol:
    I've never heard of Multiple Chemical Sensory Syndrome. But, I did some research and here is what I found:

    Multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome is more common among women than men. In addition, 40% of people with chronic fatigue syndrome and 16% of people with fibromyalgia have multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome as well (that is a very interesting fact to me!). Some doctors consider this disorder to be psychologic in cause, probably a type of anxiety disorder similar to agoraphobia (fear of going out in public) or a panic attack. Others believe the disorder may be a type of allergic reaction. Various changes in the immune system may occur, supporting the idea of an allergic reaction. However, there is no consistent pattern of such changes among people who have this syndrome, and the cause remains unknown.
    This disorder is marked by multiple symptoms in multiple organ systems (usually the neurological, immune, respiratory, skin, "GI," and/or musculoskeletal) that recur chronic-ally in response to multiple chemical exposures. MCS usually starts with either an acute or chronic toxic exposure, after which this initial sensitivity broadens to include many other chemicals and common irritants (pesticides, perfumes and other scented products, fuels, food additives, carpets, building materials, etc.).
    The symptoms commonly include difficulty breathing, sleeping and/or concentrating, memory loss, migraines, nausea, abdominal pain, chronic fatigue, aching joints and muscles, and irritated eyes, nose, ears, throat and/or skin. In addition, some with MCS show impaired balance and increased sensitivity not just to odors but also to loud noises, bright lights, touch, extremes of heat and cold, and electromagnetic fields.

    Multiple Symptoms: acute abdominal pain - asthma, headaches, rashes -
    chronic fatigue & weakness - concentration & memory loss - muscle & joint pains - numbness, tingling, twitching - sore eyes, ears, nose & throat

    Multiple Organs: Central Nervous System - Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat -
    Gastrointestinal - Musculoskeleta - Peripheral Nervous System - Respiratory - Skin

    Multiple Senses: hypersensitive to smells - photosensitive, blurred vision-
    intolerant of loud noises - bothered by abnormal tastes - hypersensitive to touch & temperature extremes - impaired "senses" of balance, coordination & concentration.

    Multiple Exposures: alcohol & medications - caffiene & food additives -
    raw fuels & engine exhaust - new carpet & furnishings - paint & renovation materials - perfume & scented products - pesticides & herbicides -
    solvents & other VOCs.

    I hope that this information was helpful

    Peace and Blessings
    Look For The Good and Praise It!

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    Hi Saysusie,

    I know this post is a year old, but I would like to know if this MCS is also a symptom of lupus. Do you know?
    For a year or so, I have had the weirdest things going on with my body, my sense of smell is so strong, friends and family call me a bloodhound, I can smell something, long before anybody else does. The same goes for my sense of taste, and my hearing, well it didn't really get better, but more refined, I now hear background music on tv really loud and tell my husband all the time to turn it down. As for loud noises, they now drive me almost insane, like the siren from a fire truck, garbage disposal, can crusher in the store, a motorcycle, just anything that is noisy.


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