Hey guys,
I know you guys are going to think Im nuts :roll: , but my husband and I have just had a major epiphany. All my life, I thought Ive had sensitive skin - really red across cheeks and nose (have spent a fortune on "anti-redness" creams for years), red and splotchy getting out of the shower, etc. And I absolutely love the sun, tanning etc. so I honestly have NEVER given a second thought to the dry circular patches (that feel like cuts almost) on my face, arms, hands, and legs - I thought they were just little patches of too much sun/dry skin. But I did think it was a little strange that they actually stung when you touched them.)
I have never given a second thought either to the small bumps that kind of look like pimples, but arent - all over my chest, shoulders. I thought they were little "sweat bumps" from being outside and sweating. I always thought that the heavy redness that you could still see, despite the tan -was just my skin. I thought I had uneven skin tone and/or blotchy type skin. I always thought that the small scabs all over my scalp that would come and go were from dry skin. Even my hairdresser thoguht they looked strange, and said they were hormones. And I wouldnt get one on one day, then another a couple days later. I either had a BUNCH of them or NONE - like a breakout or something

OK- after listening to all of you these past two weeks with regards to the sun, heat, sunblock, covering up, etc. I decided to take all your advice, and stay out of the sun. I did this so I wouldnt feel sick more than anything, as I didnt have a rash to worry about.
You guys, I cant believe my skin!! It is almost even toned! The redness is still there, but lighter. But the splotches, bumps, patches, etc - are not there. It looks like someone elses skin! :shock: Im not kidding. Now, Ive also been using sunless tanner, so I have color, but no splotchies! At least 10 people today made a comment. They couldnt exactly put their finger on it. Like "Umm...you just look...more rested? Like less..." as they put their hands towards their face, while they think of the right thing to say. (Y'know, saying - hey Lau, youre not all red and splotchy - wouldnt sound too nice) But its true!! And, for the most part, my symptoms have definatley decreased. Im a little sore and swollen as I walked to my meeting 2 blocks away - not direct sun but heat for sure, and fatigued from cleaning yesterday - but NOTHING like I was 2 weeks ago - not even close. I cannot believe that all this time, the sun has been causing me so many problems. ops: I never made the correlation, because I was ALWAYS sick and ALWAYS in the sun!!
Ive had a Breakthrough!! :lol: In addition to this, I was looking through an old "Daytimer" from a couple of years ago. I was being treated by my nuero only at the time, and I brought most every problem I had to him. In my daytimer, over the course of 1 1/2 years, I have written down at least THREE seperate times that I have broken out in a burning rash, and didnt know what it was. :shock: My nuero - without actually seeing it - assumed it was shingles, as I had such a high Varicella viral load at the time. One of them was so bad I had to go to see him, and he chalked it up to virus (he believed from the beginning that I had a post viral syndrome after that bad viral attack I had had) It was burning like hell that one, on my stomach, arms and legs. He gave me pain meds and anti viral meds. It eventually went away.
Then, after thinking about this stuff, my husband then remembered two OTHER rash attacks I had, and went to my GP for. BOTH TIMES they didnt know what it was, :? and sent me away with creams. THis was many years ago. You guys, Im not kidding or trying to sound like a hypochondriac or anything, but I think I have been getting rashes on and off for years, and no one ever thought to attribute them to lupus. Who knows what my blood work would have showed during those flares, huh? WOW, sometimes we dont see what were not looking for. This could be really huge for me. Ive always had the butterfly rash (which I regularly cover the heck out of when possible), but when asked by different docs "Have you had any type of rashes?" Ive always said, "NO"
Who knows, maybe a differnt outcome would have taken place had I known. BUT...it doesnt matter. We get what we need when GOD thinks were ready. Im a firm believer in that. But I WILL say this, these docs have me so paranoid and discouraged, :shock: that when these things started to come to mind, and make perfect sense, I literally started to ask myself, "OK, you have been on the forum alot this week. Are u sure your not lloking for something thats not there?" and that is absolutely not the case. My hubby would have been the first one to say that - but he completely concurred.
I really am going to take all your advice and keep a log with daily symptoms/sun exposure/foods/meds - everything. Thanks for letting me share - I hope you all dont think Im nuts, or someone who's "grasping at anything" to convince people shes sick. See how paranoid I am because of all the doctors? :cry: Oh well, I know its not bull and thats all that matters, I guess. Again, thanks for listening - have a wonderful Saturday evening everyone...
Love and friendship-
PS - I hear fireworks - its Flag Day!! Yeah!! :shock: