Hey Batch -
My prayers are with you today. Being sick, having a sick baby, and the issues with your husband....thats an awful lot to handle. There is nothing worse than one of our kids is sick!! :cry: It always breaks my heart to see my kids sick. Any you not being 100% as well - it really stinks! I hope the situation at home starts to improve. Would it be possible to call your doc and request something for the pain? I know you dont want any "pain"meds, with any other situations that may be going on, but even a round of steroids may bring you relief until you see the doc on the 23rd. I know I feel better SOON after I start up on Prednisone. The side effects arent great, but the pain and fatigue are markedly less for me, for sure.
Please keep venting, Batch, we are here for you - and understand completely. Special prayers for you tonight - and your family - God Bless.
With warm thoughts and prayers -