Well I have spent the last week or so reading all about all of you...it has made me feel as though I know many of you already - the information you leave for others has answered so many of my own questions

Here is my story...
I am 35 yr old mother of 2 beautiful girls (age 5 and 2) and wife to my hubby for 10yrs and was recently Dx with "some form" of Connective Tissue Disease. For me this was a very quick dx, but one that was probably 20 or more years in the making...
One morning I stood atop the stairs and debated with myself about walking down them - I knew it would hurt that much. That was the day I figured something must be wrong with me, so called for Dr. Appt. Saw him a couple days later. Although he suspected "nothing" or perhaps FM, he ordered blood tests. A week later I was back to see him with Positive ANA, high Rheumatoid Factor, low platelets. He called a Rheumatologist himself and I had a specilist appt within a week. Rheumatologist probed me with questions....losing hair - yes, sore joints - which ones (ALL), go back in time....breathing problems, severe migraines, rashes, 2 previous lupus tests in my teens and twenties - "inconclusive results"...he was good enough to check all my joints - swolen - each and everyone one from my toes to my neck and jaw. He asks me what I take for the pain...nothing, I don't like to take anything. He prescribes me Naproxen.
He orders many more tests and is to see me 3 weeks later (23 June) for my results. He suspects Lupus, but needs to confirm. In the meantime, I am experience brutal pain...odd that I go from discomforting pain when I don't know what is wrong to excrutiating pain now that I do. I suppose I was just working up to a big flare and now am in the midst of it.
This site has been a great blessing during this time, my hubby doesn't get it (although he has Crohn's and an extremely bad back injury that puts him on pain meds to the extreme) because I have always been the "strong and healthy" one. My kids are too little to know. My mom and dad live accross the country and since Mom is a nurse has always had the idea that "unless you are dying all is well :? bless her, that is who she is!

So thank you all for being here to answer questions and remind us that we are not alone

I wish you all a good weekend
Batch007 (yes like bond I am 007 :lol: )