Hey everyone,

I was dx with Lupus in Jan 07, but it wasn't till this summer that I have really been feeling... different? Not myself?

I have two things going on, and just wanted to bounce it off of everyone to see if it is Lupus or just me going crazy.

Before I would spend time in the sun, and my skin would be "splotchy". This past weekend I was outside with SPF 30 and within 15 minutes my legs and arms were covered in a rash. The next day I was outside with SPF 85, and just felt my face starting to rash a little.

Now, a few days later, my skin has been breaking out in these patches of small-to medium size bumps... and they itch like crazy for a good 10 minutes. Than after an hour or so, they turn into faint small bumps. If you run your hand over my arms and legs, you feel them. Later, it was repeat in a different location.

Is that because of being in the sun?

Also, does Lupus affect your motor skills? I have been dropping stuff all the time lately. I was putting ice cream away at my grandmothers, I was holding it with BOTH hands... and suddenly it was on the floor... I have no idea how it happened! And its been happening a lot. Things just won't be in my hands anymore. I'm 24 and I'm starting to feel like I'm 5. I hate it.

Is that a side effect I should be concerned about? Or I just need to accept?